Think of us as members of your team.


Garnet Brydon

Garnet promotes strategy and brand solutions. He brings all to consensus on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You can expect him to focus on brand building, sales objectives, and results measurements. He considers all insights, analytics, and key indicators to gauge performance. 


Marg Cunningham

Margaret is the administration and logistics coordinator for Jacks’ clients. She helps everyone adhere to timelines and budgets. You can expect her to maintain contact for necessary changes, approvals, and tracking. She manages relationships with all production and media suppliers. 


Shari MacDonald

Shari manages creative exercises for Jacks’ clients. She oversees creative direction and artwork production. You can expect her to ensure that your brand visuals and messaging are on target. She monitors creative trends and new media.




Mark Ridout

Mark is an accomplished professional commercial photographer. His credits include personal, celebrity, and business photos. He has been acknowledged in magazines, led photography workshops internationally, and served as spokesperson for industry leading photographic products.

Jenny Bridle

Jenny is an accomplished researcher and social media manager. She  manages content for a range of media, including websites, blogs, and social platforms. She is well-versed in various aspects of online planning, consumer engagement, and performance reporting.

John Brydon

John is an accomplished art director whose creative work has been used in a range of mediums including newspaper, magazine, outdoor, direct mail, and POP. His core competencies include  critical thinking, creative problem solving, and the technical aspects of graphic production.

Ken Boyd

Ken is an accomplished creative director with major agency experience. He has worked on many international marketing campaigns and earned several industry advertising accolades. His strengths are macro thinking and brand definition.



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